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Everybody has a website these days, but few follow a sustainable website approach and apply sensible business planning that includes a budget section for their company’s website development.  Looking at the empty ‘template websites’, unstructured information pools and ‘no-focus picture galleries’, I can tell you that all of them lack two things: An online marketing plan and the infrastructure to implement it.  The result is a stagnant website. I’ve literally seen stunning SEO optimized websites with an underlying online marketing plan and lots of growth potential go down the drain due to zero ‘infrastructure’ to steer it. The websites’ marketing plan never received any attention.  This brings me to one of the things that I struggle most with as a web designer, once I have done a website for a client:  to communicate the resulting online marketing plan with the director and get their co-operation.

Sustainable websites marketing - Sword Digital Art, Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa

Stagnancy has a negative long-term effect 

A Stagnant website does more harm than good.  If your approach to your company’s website is a ‘minimum-input’-approach please consider going without a website.  Or talk to us to transform your online presence to a more affordable but viable and dynamic option, that will help you convert potential.  Otherwise, what is the point?  

A website can be likened to a plant and plants are dynamic

True healthy websites that are an asset to a company, big or small, are dynamic.  

CHALLENGE:  find any stagnant old website on the internet, study it, consider the industry and ask yourself what good does this website do for the company or person it is representing.  Do the pictures convince you? Does the writing convince you? Is there enough substance to it, to be convincing? Does it show day to day activity through block posts, news posts, social media posts and/or portfolio posts?  Is it visible on the google search engine for a start?

OUTCOME:  you will find no stagnant old website that is of benefit to a company on the internet today.  

To keep a dynamic website going it needs to be nourished, just like a plant  

If you’ve done a website with us we can guarantee you that the soil and plant circumstances were handled with the utmost care and you have yourself a healthy website because SWORD is in the business of sustainable website development.  We never do a website without standard SEO, unless the client specifically asked for it. Through standard research and SEO, we made sure we’ve planted it at a spot with enough sunlight and it has the potential to grow. See the table below. However, we cannot nourish it without your cooperation.

SWORD's Approach

right check https:// protocol right check notepad iconPosting
right check magnifying glassSEO research right check google ad iconInternet ads
right check website design iconCredible design right check link iconLink building
right check notepad iconCredible writing right check On demand services...
right check camera iconCredible photos
right check meta tag iconMeta tag writing
right check location iconLocal optimization
right check Keyphrase incorporation
right check website structure iconwebsite structure

A website just like a healthy plant can die without nourishment.  Website death means it is not convincing anymore to readers and it does not come under the public’s eye for it to be useful.  Outdated information. No ranking. No growth in website substance. No news or indication of daily activities that are able to convince the world out there that your company is active.  

Our website health formula

In conclusion, as a final summary I want to share this formula we work on.  The SWORD websites' marketing formulation (see the picture below): 

proper SEO (sunlight) + high credibility (water & nutrient rich soil) = conversion

Sustainable websites marketing - Sword Digital Art, Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa


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