Professional Photography

Top DSLR Camera our photographer, Barend Liebenberg, is skilled in and a favorite we currently employ in some of our projects:  Fuji film H-X1

Profile of cameras employed by SWORD:  Nikon D3200, Canon EOS 600 D, Nikon DS70, Fuji Finepix  S2980 and the almost antique Canon A1.


Convince your audience of the quality you offer with professional photos that communicates your credibility...
Icon for professional product photography, Sword Digital Art, Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa


WHITE STUDIO photography with or without model demonstration.
SERVICE PHOTOGRAPHY is another popular 'commodity' that we are asked to photograph. As with all photography, lighting plays a very important role in this type of photography and SWORD will incorporate the necessary techniques to realistically capture your enterprize. This may include, for example, incorporating a drone pilot in the photography team.
Icon for professional food photography, Sword Digital Art, Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa


Your menu has the potential to invite customers. It is the heart of your restaurant.
SWORD employs light-tent techniques, atmosphere lighting. spontaneous shots and environment shots to bring you an end result that has the ability to convince the palate. We know that human memory is well motivated by the palate and taste, therefore quality photos that stir one's tastebuds never fail!
Icon for professional property photography, Sword Digital Art, Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa


INTERIOR & EXTERIOR SHOTS. Architectural and Property photography.
Standard packages with view optimization. Sunset or Dawn options aslo with view optimization. We take advantage of the 40-minute window of soft natural light and pink sky tone to capture your property or architectural project and create a warm inviting atmosphere... Steady pans (sweeping movements) may be incorporated where the implimentation of multimedia is viable.
Icon for professional hotel photography, Sword Digital Art, Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa


A diversity of hotel-photography projects crafted our team into a discerning and prudent squad!
The team's adaptability to unforeseen challenges has proved to be one of SWORD's greatest asset. Gentle blur-focus close-ups, atmosphere lighting, dusk-and-dawn viewscapes, landscapes, and feature-focus context images are the photography techniques that SWORD employs to bring your establishment to life.

Hotel Photography & Food Photography at Point Hotel, Mossel Bay...

Barend Liebenberg, June 2019



Depending on what your budget and project demands, our CAPACITY can be summarized as follows:

  1.  Photographer
1.  Photographer
2.  Camera assistant and DIT (digital technician) 2.  Photo editor
3.  Drone pilot Camera:   semi-professional camera or client's camera
4.  Photo editor
5.  Photo composition designer
Camera:  Fuji film H-X1 / Fuji Finepix S2980

Our portfolio

  UNDER CONSTRUCTION:  We have an extensive portfolio which we are in the process of showcasing online.  While it is taking some time, we hope to have it ready soon.  For the interim:

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