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Employing a mixture of designing, technical skill, and SEO know-how to deliver a solution that will work for your business

SWORD recognizes that industries and their customer trends differ enormously and therefore approach website projects with the goal to bring solutions;  exceptions considered.

The beauty of the web is that we can familiarize ourselves with online customer trends.  Couple this knowledge with important web design principles and a fitting artistic approach and you have yourself, in most cases, an online 'instrument' that will start generating results.

What about the long run?

We encourage our customers to make 'space' in their budgets and marketing plans to do long term maintenance, which is the only route for continuous results.  Even to this 'rule', there are exceptions and we adapt accordingly.

Our APPROACHto SEO web design services

SWORD follows a high standard in the service we offer, which we call an OPTIMIZATION APPROACH. There are quite a few levels of optimization, and we basically distinguish between websites with basic optimization (basic non-researched SEO) and websites built on a proper SEO-platform. Another level of optimization is that of credibility when your website includes this optimization it has gained the ability to convince potential clients and facilitate conversions.

Basic optimization

HIGH professional look

LOW ranking potential and networkability

LOW engaging ability

Basic optimization - standard

Optimization present in all our Web Design Projects

Professional design is universal.  Writing and design are always optimized for mobile viewing.  OUR WEBSITES are viewable and look professional on all devices.  We employ the latest responsive design technology for desktop, laptop, tablets & cell phones.  IN SHORT:

  • Optimization for ‘fast browser loading’ is standard.
  • Optimization for 'all-device-viewing' standard.
  • Layout optimization for mobile/tablet viewing is standard.
  • Should the project justify it, we will include copy editing of writing.
  • Meta tag writing and good website structure are standard, however depending on whether you requested it or not, it may not be based on a researched SEO platform.

Researched SEO

HIGH professional look

HIGH ranking potential and networkability

LOW engaging ability

Researched SEO web design services

Optional but recommended for most cases

Search Engine Optimization is an important part of web design.  Researching consumer search patterns and global trends for your specific industry and product enables us to construct your website in such a way that your website can be found on the internet.  However, when considering this avenue you must understand, that you should approach SEO web design with a long-term.  In other words, approach it as a campaign rather than a once-off undertaking.  In many cases, with smaller websites, the cost to it is not outrageous and the advantages outweigh the cost-factor.  IN SHORT:

  • Overall SEO with a baseline statistics document that forms the basis for a 'web-marketing-plan’

and long term SEO service plan that includes a social media strategy.

  • Authentic ‘organic’ writing that incorporates market research of industry search patterns.

SEO & Credibility

HIGH professional look

HIGH ranking potential and networkability

HIGH engaging ability

Optimized for credibility

 A golden rule, which is optional but recommended

This option is in terms of organic writing, included in researched SEO web design services.  But there is more to it.  Apart from the importance of researched SEO Optimization, the golden rule in all marketing content and especially important for websites is credibility.  Potential clients need to know what they see is what they get or at least know what other customers say of your service.  This is true for retailers, product manufacturers, restaurateurs, estate agents,  hoteliers, lawyers, brokers, artists, and so forth.   Therefore the 'photo-graphic-video'-content of your website is an important factor that should be optimized for quality, WYSIWYG, and 'engagement potential'.

With our MULTIMEDIA DESIGN background, we offer to boost your website's credibility with:

  • Organic writing
  • High-quality photography
  • Innovative graphics- or photo compositions
  • Photorealistic 3D visualizations of whatever you are selling in photo and animation
  • Professional video.

Long-term campaign-related SEO web design services

SWORD wants to walk with you all the way if you should allow us.

This may involve implementing social media- and mail strategies, personnel training in company-specific-SEO-best-practices and basic website updating, and technical updates.  We've even trained one company to do basic in-house photography of their products.  The solutions are as diverse as the industries on planet earth!


Our portfolio

  UNDER CONSTRUCTION:  We have an extensive portfolio which we are in the process of showcasing online.  While it is taking some time, we hope to have it ready soon.  For the interim:

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