Coming to a point of sound practical judgment in SEO web designing 
Are you seeking to make sense out of all the online possibilities out there?  Where to start and how to sift out the necessary from the needless in SEO web designing, may leave you feeling lost. 

Choosing and investing the correct ‘web formula’
Practical, sound insights from someone that has seen both successes and failures may be a starting point in your online journey.  The answers are not so difficult but require careful and scrupulous action.

One thing I’ve learned over the 17 years that I’ve been working on the internet is that no matter how smart technology is, it will never be able to replace the basic principle of wise investment (or SOWING) to REAP valuable results.
Let’s liken the web and its many possibilities to farmland and the cultivation of a crop.

An internet platform may give you the land, and technology may give you the equipment with some automated ‘field workers’, but you will still have to invest time, intelligent labor and funds in order to correctly prepare the soil, sow the seeds, and cultivate the crop.  Then the chances are you will reap fruitful harvests!

Somebody must steer it…

If you bought the website template, filled it with a few definitions, and jazzed it up with the latest logo of your company you have done nothing more than a farmer that bought a fancy harvester and parked it underneath his flashy shed.  That machine will not harvest his fields by itself. That website template will not convince and convert your customers by itself. This is where the SEO approach and professional research-based web designing needs to jump into action.

Yes, there are many apps and tricks out there that really are not a must, AND in essence, will not really help you sow the seeds wisely, foster its growth, and then reap successful harvests.
What really matters in web site success and why SEO web designing?

SWORD currently provides a small business web design service in South Africa, where lower budgets force a creative team to sift the apples from the oranges with sound practical judgment.