Product Branding Strategy Design Review

Mossel Bay, South Africa | Managing Director of Traxdor Cape |

Client Review:  multiple Product Branding Strategy contributions

Nico de Lange

April 2018

Video Interview: 

One of the things a company finds it hard to spend money on is marketing.  The reason for that is that most of the times you don’t see a return.

From the day I used SWORD, I could really see a difference in my business.  It was money well-spent (and) time well-spent!

Our website is very professional.  It helps us stand out in a very competitive security market.  The client was looking for a company to partner with and by looking at our website he realized that this is the quality he was looking for, the company he was looking for and the product he was looking for.  The reason for that is because of the USER-FRIENDLY DISPLAY VIDEOS AND 3D PICTURES.

Identity, we found by branding and marketing that SWORD helped us with giving us the margin to work with world-class corporate companies. 

Yes, I’m very excited about the character used in our product range.   It helps us to identify with each and every product.

SWORD helped me to portray an idea by using 3D.  To have an idea and see it in a 3D perspective, it really helps in the development stages of the product.  It saved me a lot of time, a lot of money.

3D ENABLED ME to sell my product before it was in production.