SEO Web Design Firm Review

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SEO Web Design Firm Review

Piet Steyn

April 2018

Video Interview: 

I was in dire straits for a new website.  The old website was very stagnant, it was not doing anything.  It was very dark, I needed more interaction on the website.  And I connected with Liezl of SWORD and I told her what I want is that I want people to interact with me on my website.  I need to be discovered.  In the electronic media, if you don’t move forward you die.  I want people not to just click on my website.  I want people to click on it and stay on it.  And go through the pages.  So Liezl would make this page that people would want to stay on it, because the more people stay on it, at the end of the day book a Safari.

What I have given Liezl is maybe 5% OF WHAT THE WEBSITE IS RIGHT NOW, I said to her, “Liezl, this is what I want.”  And Liezl went out on her own and researched it,  and I go back to my website and I read some of the stuff and I go,

Wow! I didn’t even know it was there.”  She really did a good job, she absolutely…

At the end of the day it was the BEST DECISION that I could have made since I started this company in the 1990’s.  I’m 200% SATISFIED at the work that Liezl have done, and I can complement SWORD on their effort to make it worth my while.  All the money that I spent on it is absolutely worth it.

Being in the bush all the time, I have to rely on SWORD and Liezl to make sure that the other end of the Safari Operation has got a good contribution towards our clients and that is the website that does that.

If I imagine a good website, THIS WAY EXCEEDS MY EXPECTATIONS of what my website should have been!