Shopping Cart Website Feedback

George, Western Cape, South Africa | CEO of Der Lederhandler CC |

Review on a Shopping Cart Website Design for a Leather Manufacturer

Hennie Pienaar

April 2018

Video Interview: 

“The original website that we had was very insufficient, a lot of changes had to be made, prior to the new website.  Almost as if it became a SHOWCASE compared to the previous website where it was just a bunch of photos.”

“Because SWORD listened, they understood the vision and only then they could start visualizing with us.  We had the need, and they studied it and gave us an indication of what it could cost.  They have fairly well kept to the indications they’ve given, the thing is it was a very WELL-PRICED PRODUCT.”

“A very important function that happened through the work of Sword was the fact that a PROPER CATALOG was developed (online).  Customers, being in Namibië or wherever, were able to focus on a product, really enlarge it and study it and see if it answers to what they needed and then place the order.  Now, all of a sudden we find that there is continuous orders, re-orders, ‘in-time’-ordering; but it all happens from the catalog. “

The result is a 300% increase, the EFFECTIVE SALES went up by 300%.

“One thing that stood out from our involvement with Sword was the fact that OUR BRAND was built.  Through the website and through their involvement, all of a sudden the brand was spreading and people were talking about it, where in the past it was just a couple of nice handbags in the shops, whereas now it is a brand that stands out in the shops, they’re almost now proud to carry the Der Lederhandler name.”

“We were offered PROPER SUPPORT on photos, proper support on updating the website, that was a huge help and a tremendous help.  And I think that also brought about a, almost like a partnership in this whole thing.  It’s not as if it is our website, we paid for it and there we are.  It is a situation of it is both companies growing and moving forward in this website.”